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Thank you for selecting Nimrod Meats, LLC. This Agreement outlines the terms of our services and the expectations and responsibilities we share with customers.

1) Definitions

a) Governmental Authority: Governmental Authority shall mean any federal, state, local, or foreign government or governmental, quasi-governmental, administrative or regulatory authority, agency, body, or entity, including any court or other tribunal.

2) Delivery and Slaughter of Livestock to Nimrod Meats, LLC

a) Please be aware that ALL livestock delivered for slaughter must be in sound condition, with no known diseases, and must be able to walk in on their own. We DO NOT accept downers or dead livestock for processing. Nimrod Meats, LLC reserves the right to reject any livestock which it deems, in its sole discretion, to be unfit for slaughter.

b) Nimrod Meats, LLC assumes complete responsibility for livestock and its products only from the time of stunning/bolting until meat products leave Nimrod Meats, LLC’s possession. However, Nimrod Meats, LLC is not responsible or liable for any actions taken by USDA or other Governmental Authority including, but not limited to, actions regarding post-mortem carcass inspection such as carcass or partial carcass condemnation.

c) Each animal must possess an identification number, which will be used for specific identification of the animal from the time of slaughter through retail cuts.

d) Nimrod Meats, LLC assumes no liability or responsibility financially or otherwise for livestock harmed or dead prior to time of stunning, unless due to Nimrod Meats, LLC’s negligence. Customer is responsible for any costs or losses to Nimrod Meats, LLC caused prior to stunning by livestock brought by Customer to a Nimrod Meats, LLC facility, such as livestock arriving harmed or dead to a Nimrod Meats, LLC facility or livestock harming self or other livestock while disembarking or while in holding pen. These include, but are not limited to, cost of removal or disposal of affected livestock, operational costs due to delays, and employee wages. Customer is not responsible for damage caused by livestock to Nimrod Meats, LLC’s facility and/or employees. Further, once animal is inside a Nimrod Meats, LLC processing plant – as distinct from barns, pens or chutes leading to the plant – and prior to stunning, if the cause of an animal injured while inside the plant is undetermined or undeterminable, it will be decided in favor of Customer.

e) Customer is responsible for any animal delivered with a zoonotic disease. If Customer delivers an infected animal that affects other animals not owned by Customer, Customer assumes liability for those animals affected. In such an event, Customer agrees to cover reasonable market price of affected animals and all reasonable associated costs incurred by Nimrod Meats, LLC for disruption of operations including, but not limited to, disposal of livestock, employee wages, facilities overhead costs, any legal fees and loss of packaging or other materials. The length of time of any disruption of operations is understood to mean the period from the identification of the zoonotic disease, to the restarting of normal processing activities. In the event of a disruption, Nimrod Meats, LLC will use their best efforts to resume normal processing activities.

f) After livestock slaughter, Nimrod Meats, LLC shall gain ownership of all offal and by-products. Offal disposal fees, shall be charged to customer at a rate of $45 per beef and $25 per hog. Nimrod Meats, LLC, at its sole discretion, may offer Customer a credit for offal on a per-animal basis. Heart, liver and tongue may be retained by Customer if requested by Customer when dropping off carcass. No deduction shall be made from the offal disposal fee as set forth above.

3) Processing

a) Nimrod Meats, LLC is not responsible or liable for any quality defects in meat products other than those related to chemical, physical, or biological hazards as controlled by Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), or those related to cutting, trimming, grinding, stuffing, curing, cooking, smoking, or packaging while meat is under the control of Nimrod Meats, LLC. In such event, Nimrod Meats, LLC is only liable to the extent of the fair market value of the raw materials.

b) If Customer provides meat for processing, as opposed to livestock, Customer will provide meat that meets Nimrod Meats, LLC’s quality specifications according to the type of product to be produced.  If Customer delivers raw materials to Nimrod Meats, LLC that are later discovered to be of an unsuitable quality, Customer is responsible for all processing expenses and meat costs. This may include, but is not limited to, processing costs, handling and disposal by Nimrod Meats, LLC, and fair market value of any other meat contaminated by the unsuitable meat.

c) Once the product leaves the possession of Nimrod Meats, LLC, Nimrod Meats, LLC is not responsible or liable for any actions that could compromise the safety or quality of the product, including but not limited to improper storage, handling or display.

4) Harvest, Processing, and Customer Pick-Up

a) Cutting instructions shall be filled out within seven days of animal delivery with no exceptions. If cutting instructions are not filled out, the animal will be cut standard (Nimrod Way). Live, hot and hanging carcass weights will be recorded. 

b) A slaughter fee will be charged and a fee will be assessed on hanging carcass weight for processing the carcass into retail or primal cuts. Slaughter fees shall be assessed based on animal species and weight as follows:

Beef less than 999 lbs = $100 Slaughter Charge
Beef 1000-1200 lbs = $125 Slaughter Charge
Beef 1200+ lbs = $160 Slaughter Charge

Hog less than 299 lbs = $75 Slaughter Charge
Hog 300+ lbs = $100 Slaughter Charge

Lamb = $100 Slaughter Charge

Bison = $320 - Slaughter Charge

c) There are extra charges for additional processing and additional charges if the customer requests return of organ meats, hide and/or head.

d) Animals will be harvested, chilled, cut to specifications, freezer paper wrapped or vacuum packaged (at the discretion of Nimrod Meats, LLC), boxed and frozen. Carcass data will be collected and provided if requested by Customer at the time of livestock delivery.

e) All carcasses will be processed separately and tracked according to carcass number throughout the process to assure that you get the animal that you dropped off. Weights of trim, fat and bone are recorded. 

f) Average processing time for a beef is 2-4 weeks from time of slaughter, based on a 2-week dry age hanging time or longer if requested. Average processing time for a hog/sheep/goat is 1-2 weeks from time of slaughter, based on a one week hanging time. Additional 1-2 weeks for processing if having curing done. Processing may take longer during busier parts of the year. Carcass cut out is dependent on degree of finish, age, breed of animal and/or cutting instructions. 

g) All meat is to be picked up within four (4) weeks of animal drop-off. You will be contacted twice as follows: once at time of completion of the order and once seven (7) days after completion of order. If meat is not picked up within forty-five (45) days of order completion, meat ownership will transfer to the Nimrod Meats, LLC. Special cases may be excused if Nimrod Meats, LLC is contacted.

h) Payment is expected in full before or upon picking up the products.

5) Cancellation

a) In the event customer cancels delivery of livestock for slaughter within thirty (30) days of animal’s slaughter date, without good cause shown, a one hundred fifty-dollar ($150) fee will be assessed. Good cause shall be at the sole discretion of Nimrod Meats, LLC.

6) Customer Risk and Acknowledgments.

  1. Customer certifies that any cattle delivered to Nimrod Meats, LLC is: □ less than 30 months of age □ greater than 30 months of age. Specific Risk Material (brain, head, eyes, spinal cord, vertebral column, tonsils and distal ileum of the small intestine of all cattle that are 30 months of age or older) will be removed and disposed of according to USDA FSIS regulations.

  2. Nimrod Meats, LLC is not responsible for loss of livestock in case of accidental death of the animal on Nimrod Meats, LLC premises or upon customer trucking prior to slaughter.

  3. All live animals and carcasses are subject to USDA regulations. Customers bear the risk of condemnedlivestock or meat.

  4. Payment terms: Slaughter fees due at time of signing and remaining amount due upon receipt of final product. A 1.5% (18% APR) late fee will be charged after initial contact per month on balance due. A check returned as a result of non-sufficient funds will be charged a fee of $25.00. Safe handling practices after pick up are the responsibility of the customer. Nimrod Meats, LLC accepts no responsibility for the meat once it leaves the premises.

  5. Customer expressly attests that no antibiotic residue will be found in the animal if tested. Customer bears the risk of condemned meat that is due to positive antibacterial residue tests that maybe conducted.

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