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Click on tab below to submit online cut sheet for order processing

Click on tab below to print cut sheet for order processing

NOTE: Cut sheets are required before the date of processing!

Beef Primal Cuts.jpg

Processing Price Breakdown:

$100 - Slaughter Charge < 999 lbs
$125 - Slaughter Charge 1000-1200 lbs
$160 - Slaughter Charge 1200+ lbs
$45 - Offal Disposal (bones, organ meat, waste, and by-products)

$100 - Off schedule fee if animal is dropped before/after specified time slot or off hours

$50 - Fee if animal is 30+ months old (no cuts off of the spine = no T-bones or Porterhouse)
$1.25/lb Standard Processing based on Hang Weight

$1.40/lb Official CIS Third Party Processing based on Hang Weight

Processing fees are based off hang weight which is provided to you at time of pickup.

All beef carcass will have 10-14 day hang.


+$1.00 lb Hamburger Patties (min 10 lbs - 1/3#, 4 per pack)

+$0.75 lb Stew Meat (trim cut into cubed bite sized pieces into 1# pkgs)

+$0.50 pkg One Steak per Package (standard is 2 per package)

+$0.75 lb Tenderizing any steak or Minute Steaks

+$2.00/lb - Sliced Liver - 1 lb pkgs (approximately 12-15 lbs on a whole beef)

Upcharge Items from the Smoker: All selections come out of ground

BEEF SNACK STICKS: 25 lb min for each flavor (+$3.15/lb) (add Cheese +$3.50/lb)

BBQ, Honey BBQ, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary & Cheddar, Cherry Chipotle, Dill Pickle, Garlic Parmesan, Jalapeño Pepper, Jalapeño Pepper & Hot Cheese, Ranch, Sweet Maple, Teriyaki, Willies Beef (traditional), Willies Beef & Cheddar

DRIED BEEF: +$3.95/lb

RING BOLOGNA: +$3.20/lb

BEEF BACON: +$2.50/lb (cannot get short ribs if selected)


BEEF SUMMER SAUSAGE: 25 lb min for each flavor
    +$2.00/lb - Summer Sausage

    +$2.45/lb - Summer Sausage Sliced
    +$3.30/lb - Summer Sausage with Cheese

    +$3.75/lb - Summer Sausage Sliced with Cheese

JERKY (CURED BEEF STRIPS): 25 lb min for each flavor, whole muscle meat
+$0.75/lb Sliced Fresh Jerky Meat (no minimum, not cured or smoked)
+$6.00/lb Flavors: Prime Rib, Mesquite, Hickory, Teriyaki, Sweet Chipotle, Honey, Dill

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