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Click on tab below to submit online cut sheet for order processing

Click on tab below to print cut sheet for order processing

NOTE: Cut sheets are required before the date of processing!

Beef Primal Cuts.jpg

Processing Price Breakdown:

$100 - Slaughter Charge < 999 lbs
$125 - Slaughter Charge 1000-1200 lbs
$160 - Slaughter Charge 1200+ lbs
$45 - Offal Disposal (bones, organ meat, waste, and by-products)
$100 -
Fee if animal is dropped after specified time slot or off hours

$50 - Fee if animal is 30+ months old (see cut sheet pg 3 - requires different cuts of meat)
$1.25/lb Standard Processing based on Hang Weight (see Standard Beef Selection Sheet)

$1.40/lb Official Third Party Processing based on Hang Weight

Processing fees are based off hang weight which is provided to you at time of pickup.

All beef carcass will have 10-14 day hang.


+$1.00 lb Hamburger Patties (min 5 lbs - packaged 2 or 4 per pack)

+$0.75 lb Stew Meat

+$0.50 pkg One Steak per Package (standard is 2 per package)

+$0.45 lb Sliced fresh jerky meat for home use

+$0.75 lb Tenderizing any steak (please note on custom sheet)

+$30.00 Liver sliced (approx 15-1 lb pkgs on a whole beef)

Specialty items such as sticks, jerky, and smoked meats coming soon!

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