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Info you need to know about processing a Hog at Nimrod Meats:

Pork Fat - We do not have the capability to render fat so it will come in pieces.  Back Fat comes from the back of the animal along with its shoulder and rump, directly below the skin. It is great rendered for sautéing and frying. Leaf Lard – fat from around the pig’s kidneys. This is the cleanest fat and is the kind grandma uses to make perfectly flaky pie crusts.

Pork Belly - Leave as a half slab (side pork) or have it sliced. We will cut medium thickness unless otherwise noted. Our smoker is now online and available for smoking your pork belly! Extra charges for the slicing and smoking! Note: Side pork, pork belly, fresh pork belly, side pork belly: all of these (and some other variations, too) mean exactly the same thing.

Ham - Ham can be bone-in or boneless and will come as two halves, depending on your selection. Bone-in or boneless ham steaks will be prepared fresh or smoked and cured and 1" thickness. Select up to two options or add for more ground pork/sausage options.

Pork Loin - You can send to ground, leave it as a roast, or cut it into bone-in or boneless chops. If you choose the boneless option, you will get the baby back rib and tenderloin separate. You can select up to two options here!


Boston Butt The butt is a nicely marbled, fatty piece of meat, that is good for braising, stewing, roasting or smoking. Order a roast and you can roast for pull-apart-tender meat. Grind it to add to your ground pork/sausage options.

Picnic The shoulder has more muscle and is a little tougher because the leg muscles work a lot more. This cut includes most of the hog's front leg quarter. Great for grilling or roasting.

Ground - Only select one option on a half hog unless you send three items to ground. On average a half hog will yield 37 pounds of ground. We will put any excess ground pork into 1 pound packages. Note: We require a minimum of 25 lb to make sausage flavors so only one option is allowed for a half hog.

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