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Pork Processing Price Breakdown:
   $75 - Slaughter Charge < 299 lbs
   $100 - Slaughter Charge > 300 lbs
   $25 - Offal Disposal (bones, organ meat, waste, and by-products)
   $50 - Fee if animal is dropped after specified time slot or off hours
   $1.20/lb Custom Processing based on Hang Weight (standard cuts and packaging)

   $1.35/lb Official Processing based on Hang Weight
   $0.25/lb Single Steak per Package

      All processing fees based off hang weight. 

Ground Sausage
   $0.55/lb Ground Pork
   $1.00/lb Seasoned Ground Pork

Breakfast Sausage 
   $1.75/lb Links or Rope 
   $2.50/lb Seasoned Link, or Rope


   $1.60/lb Brats

   $2.10/lb Seasoned or Cheese Brats

   $1.75/lb Ground Pork Patties
   $2.50/lb Seasoned Pork or Brat Patties


Smoking Charges

   $1.75/lb Links or Rope

   $2.50/lb Seasoned Link, or Rope

Slicing Charges

   $.45/lb Bacon

   $.70/lb Seasoned Flavored and Sliced Bacon

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