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Chopping Meat



If your family raised you on custom meat processed by a locker, you understand that the quality and taste of that meat is far superior to meats bought in a large retail environment. Even if you weren’t and you like your meat cut in a certain way and want quick access to a variety of cuts direct from your own freezer, custom meat processing provides all these advantages for you.

3 ways to get your meat custom processed:

  1. You make direct contact with the farmer. You pay the farmer directly for the animal and then pay us for the processing once complete.

  2. You contact us and we line up an animal for you using one of our locally vetted and trusted farmers. You pay the farmer directly for the meat and pay us for the processing.

  3. You are the farmer/owner of the animal and bring it to us for processing. Send your customer to us to submit cut sheet and the customer pays us for processing

We are a custom-exempt locker which means we are inspected quarterly for sanitation but do not have a daily inspector present. We only process animals for use by their owner/farmer(s). We are working on attaining our official retail BC1 license and are hoping to have this completed soon.

Processing specifics and pricing is based on the animal selected above.

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