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We only accept whole deer or deer trim with a $100 deposit required at drop off.

Processing all deer meat in January 2023.

Whole Deer Processing Charges

$150 - Whole Deer Processing (Includes fresh cuts, packaging, & freezing)
$0.60 - Ground Deer (per pound)
$15 - Remove Hide

$30 - Remove and Save Hide

$55 - Caped Deer Head

$75 - Dirty or not Field Dressed Properly

Boneless Processing Charges (price per lb) 

$1.00 Grinding

$0.55 Packaging & Freezing

$25.00 Cleaning Charge (at our discretion)

Additional Processing Charges (price per lb)

$2.50 Italian Seasoned Sausage (pork added)

$2.50 Seasoned Sausage (pork added)

$1.00 Fresh Sliced (make your own jerky)

$1.00 Stew Meat

$1.00 Tenderizing

Options to Add to Ground Deer (price per lb) 

$2.00 Beef Tallow (10% add)

$3.00 Pork Trim (30% add)

$4.00 Beef Trim (30% add)

Summer Sausage (price per lb) 

$3.50 Summer Sausage - Pork Added

$4.00 Summer Sausage - Beef Added

$3.75 Summer Sausage with Cheese

$3.50 Old World Summer Sausage

$4.00 Jalapeño Summer Sausage with Hot pepper Cheese

Snack Sticks (price per lb)

$3.75 Sticks

$4.00 Sticks with Cheese

$4.00 Jalapeño Sticks with Hot Pepper Cheese

$3.75 Onion and Garlic Sticks

$3.75 Honey BBQ Sticks

Bratwurst (price per lb)

$3.00 Fresh Bratwurst

$3.25 Fresh Green Pepper & Onion Bratwurst

$3.75 Jalapeño and Cheese Bratwurst

$4.00 Mushroom and Swiss Bratwurst

$3.75 Bratwurst Patties

Breakfast Items (price per lb)

$3.75 Bacon

$3.50 Breakfast Rope

$2.75 Seasoned Sausage Patties

$3.75 Maple Rope

Jerky (price per lb)

$5.75 Regular Stripped Beef (round & loin only)

$5.75 Teriyaki Jerky (round & loin only)

Fine Print to read before bringing your meat in...

All deer will be processed in January 2023.

We will refuse any trim not properly handled and will not accept pre-ground meat.
Make sure your meat is clean and well packaged to avoid upcharge.

All processed deer must be picked up and paid for in full within ten days after you are notified. A fee for storing after processing may be acessed if not picked up.

When your order is complete we will notify you by email and text message.

All processed deer items (excludes fresh cuts and ground) are batched to meet minimum 25 lb batch size requirements.

100 pound minimum of meat required for own batch processing with an extra $50 fee.

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