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We accept field-dressed whole carcass, bone-in, or boned-out deer with a $100 deposit at drop off.

Fine Print to read before bringing your deer in...

Important info to read if leaving your deer with us:

• We will refuse any trim not properly handled and pre-ground meat will not be accepted.
• Make sure your meat is clean and well packaged to avoid upcharge at our discretion (up to $100).
• All p
rocessed deer items (excludes fresh cuts) used for ground products are batched together to meet minimum 25 lb batch size requirements.

• If you want your own deer back for ground products there is a 25 pound minimum for one flavor and an extra $50 fee.
• When your order is complete we will notify you by email and text. All orders must be picked up and paid for within ten days 
after you are notified. A fee of $1/day after 10 days may be accessed unless arrangements are made.

• We do not accept deer for the HUSH program but we will take donated deer.

Whole Deer Processing Charges

$165 - Whole Deer Processing - Includes skinning, deboning, fresh cuts, plain ground, packaging, and freezing (you will get your own steaks, backstraps, tenderloins, and roasts back).
+$15 - Save Hide

+$55 - Caped Deer Head

Bone-in Processing Charges 

$135 - Whole Deer Processing (Bring deer in quartered. Includes deboning, plain ground, packaging, and freezing)

Boneless Processing Charges (price per lb) 

$2.25/lb  Includes plain ground and packaging

Additional Processing Charges

all* items are priced with 20% added pork trim

beef trim add additional +$1.50

Plain Ground Deer (included in whole deer and bone-in pricing) 

$2.00/lb Ground Deer + pork trim 

$3.50/lb Ground Deer + beef trim 

$2.50/lb Breakfast Flavored Sausage* 

$2.50/lb Maple Flavored Sausage* 

$2.75/lb Italian Flavored Sausage* 

$3.75/lb Links* -Breakfast or Maple 
$3.75/lb Sm Patties* -Breakfast or Maple 

$3.75/lb Deer Bacon* (40% pork added) 

$3.75/lb Ring Bologna* 
$5.00/lb Dried Deer

Summer Sausage  1 lb Chubs with 20% pork added 

$3.50/lb Traditional

$4.00/lb Traditional + Cheddar

$4.50/lb Jalapeño + Cheddar

Jerky (whole muscle meat only - 50% shrinkage)

$6.00/lb Prime Rib, Teriyaki or Hickory

Bratwurst (price per lb)

$3.75/lb Traditional*

$3.75/lb Pineapple*
$3.75/lb Thai BBQ*
$4.00/lb Bacon Cheeseburger*

$4.00/lb Philly + Swiss*

$4.00/lb Jalapeño + Cheddar*

Snack Sticks (price per lb)

$3.75/lb BBQ*
$3.75/lb Honey BBQ*
$3.75/lb Cherry Chipotle*

$4.00/lb Jalapeño + Hot Cheese*

$4.00/lb Mango Habanero*

$3.75/lb Prime Rib*
$3.75/lb Sweet Maple*
$3.75/lb Teriyaki*
$3.75/lb Willies* (traditional)

$4.00/lb Willies + Cheddar*

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